FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

The Hubfleet EWD app is available on Android and IOS (Apple) devices, making it possible to use as a “Driver BYO device”, or it can be installed on a company device fixed to the truck. Drivers download the Hubfleet mobile app and register for free. Fleet managers, or owner drivers, create a “Record Keeper” account on the Hubfleet web portal and invite drivers to connect using their mobile phone number. Record keepers pay a monthly fee for each driver they connect to.

All records created by the driver are updated in real time and can be accessed via the web portal.

During a shift, a driver can create, edit or delete any record. They can even delete the entire shift. So yes, records can be corrected. However, when ending a shift, a driver must sign off on the driver declaration by entering a their secret 4 digit pin. After this is entered, records for that shift cannot be edited. This is required by the NHVR.

Within the Hubfleet web portal, you simply assign people a role and invite them using their email address. There is no extra cost for users to access the web portal.

An authorised officer can request to view the EWD. Before handing the device to the officer, drivers can lock the Hubfleet app in the compliance view mode. This means the officer can only see the last 28 days of records and cannot access any other part of the Hubfleet EWD, or any other apps or features on the device.

Hubfleet is an Electronic Work Dairy for managing driver fatigue, covering all of the NHVR rule sets:

  • Standard Solo
  • Standard Two-up
  • BFM Solo
  • BFM Two-up
  • Exemption hours
  • Custom AFM rules

As well as the WA rule sets

  • WA Solo
  • WA Two-up

We sell subscriptions in blocks. For example, we have a package for between 16 and 20 drivers for $342.00. If you have 16 drivers, this works out as $21.38 per driver. If you are tracking 20 drivers it works out as $17.10 per driver. On average it works out at around $19 per driver per month. Even at the upper end we believe are the most cost effective EWD on the market.

Records are kept for 3 years to comply with the regulatory requirement.

No. To end you subscription simply deactivate your driver connections and select ‘0’ for the number of drivers you wish to track.

Click the link in the upper right corner to start a 14 day free trial. You can set yourself up in a few minutes. If you need help, just drop us a line.