Cor partners Hubfleet can help you
meet your CoR
obligation at no cost

Hubfleet COR Trucks

A PROACTIVE APPROACH Hubfleet helps you
meet your CoR
obligations at no
cost to you!

Since the introduction of CoR laws, everyone in the chain of responsibility has a duty to proactively identify hazards and work to remove or minimise risks.

All Parties Should:
  • Identify risks
  • Assess the likelihood of risk and the degree of harm
  • Put in place measures to control the risks
  • Monitor and review your operations

To meet these obligations, the NHVR encourages a risk management approach. Hubfleet simplifies the implementation of a safety management system by facilitating open communication and data sharing with your transport provider.

Electronic Work Diary Dashboard

PLAY YOUR PART Does your transport
supplier have a good
safety management system?

Recommend us to your transport supplier and gain peace of mind that a leading safety management system is in place.

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Hubfleet Geofencing

Geofencing Keeping up to date
with your driver has
never been easier!

Our Geofencing option can help CoR partners. For example, notifying a mine manager when a driver is 10 minutes from them or if a truck is speeding on the site.

Hubfleet Chain of Responsibility

How You Can Do Your Part More ways to
monitor safety

Do you feel like somebody in your Chain of Responsibility would benefit from Hubfleet? Safety is a job shared by all, but luckily for CoR partners, we don’t charge. Our service is completely free for you!

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