Fleet Managers Turn the burden of
compliance into a
competitive advantage

Functions Why Fleet Managers LOVE Hubfleet!

Hubfleet simplifies compliance and provides real-time data so you can optimise your operation and focus on growing your business..

Driver fatigue management
compliance made easy

Arming your drivers with Hubfleet minimises the risk of accidental non-compliance and allows your drivers to focus on their job. Hubfleet provides clarity and simplification to the complexities of managing NHVL regulations in a way that pen and paper just never will!

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EWD Compliance Dashboard

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Hubfleet brings together data from every work/rest change and vehicle pre-start, into intuitive dashboards to provide insight into how your business is functioning. By using this to optimise your people and equipment, you can turn the burden of compliance into a competitive advantage.

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The industry chews
through 60 million
pages each year!

Hubfleet reduces the cost of compliance by eliminating labour intensive paperwork. Accurate digital records makes generating reports and conducting audits super easy. Export data from Hubfleet to payroll to get your drivers paid accurately. The time and effort you save can be put to better use growing your business.

Electronic Work Diary Reduce Paperwork

Keeping up to date
with your driver has
never been easier!

Hubfleet is your digital run board - updated in real-time. Our "Current Shift Table" lets you see what drivers are doing and where they are. The table can be filtered and sorted by any record, in order to easily retrieve the information you're looking for. Seeing the hours your drivers have worked, how many they have left, and when they’re due for a break, allows you to optimise your scheduling while avoiding costly mistakes.

Electronic Work Diary Save Time

Be the eyes and ears
of your business operations!

Our integrated telematics package gives you a birds eye view of your fleet on a map in real-time. You can easily set up geofences to automatically send a customised SMS or email messages to your team, customers or CoR partners when a driver enters an area on a map.

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