Hubfleet: A Game-Changer for POK Holdings

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In any delivery business, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Peter from POK Holdings, a leading concrete delivery business in Sydney, knows this better than most. Read on to unpack his experience with Hubfleet’s Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and gain insights into how it has transformed his operations.

Past Struggles

Before adopting Hubfleet, Peter found himself grappling with the challenges of various other apps. “I tried two or three apps previously,” he shared, “but they were slow and required constant refreshing.”

Aside from being frustrating, these interruptions can be detrimental; especially when you’re managing a fleet as dynamic as POK’s. They own five trucks and subcontract an additional 10, which means, on any given day, there can be 12 to 15 of their trucks navigating Sydney’s busy roads.

New Beginnings

After hearing some buzz about Hubfleet, Peter decided to give it a go. He quickly fell in love with our EWD, and one of the standout features for him was the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user interface. “It’s the best on the market and the easiest to use,” Peter stated — a sentiment that speaks volumes considering his prior experiences with other apps.

Moreover, Peter commented on the support he’s received from Hubfleet. “James has been incredibly helpful. He genuinely listens whenever we have questions about the app or its features.”

POK Drivers Give the Tick of Approval

It’s not just Peter who’s been singing Hubfleet’s praises. The app has received a thumbs-up across the board from POK’s diverse team of drivers. Given the multicultural composition of the team — including those for whom English is a second language and older generation drivers — the app’s ease of use becomes all the more admirable. As Peter noted, “All our drivers, no matter their background or age, have found it really easy to use and navigate.”

Favourites Features

On top of the easy-to-use interface, a feature that caught Peter’s attention is the pre-filled action for individual fleet and license numbers. It not only saves precious time but also ensures accuracy. “It’s quick, easy to use, and the pre-filled action is straightforward,” he remarked.

Want to Try Hubfleet’s EWD like POK Holdings?

In an industry where every minute counts, having a reliable tool like Hubfleet can make all the difference. POK Holdings’ experience is a testament to the application’s capability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Put us to the test like POK, and see how our innovative EWD can make your operations smoother.