Hubfleet approved for Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) rules

Hubfleet Electronic Work Diary Approved for AFM

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Following a successful trial with Western Downs Civil last year, Hubfleet was formally approved by the NHVR for use under the AFM ruleset.

What is AFM?

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) regulates heavy vehicles in all states (except WA and the NT) and prescribes the permitted hours for heavy vehicle drivers. Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) is their most flexible option for driver work and rest hours.

Rather than using the prescribed Standard or Basic Fatigue Management Hours (bfm hours), AFM allows businesses the flexibility to set their own hours, provided the fatigue risks of those hours are offset by sleep, rest and other management practices in a compliant fatigue risk management system.

AFM can allow businesses greater flexibility to cover new routes, complete routes more efficiently than competitors, create work and rest rules which suit the business, develop simpler schedules, and reduce compliance stress for drivers.

Businesses must apply to the NHVR for AFM accreditation and in order to be approved, they must demonstrate that they understand the risks these hours can create and demonstrate that they can and will take steps to offset these risks.

Western Downs Civil trial

After integrating AFM capabilities in line with Western Downs Civil’s accreditation, Hubfleet was successfully trialled on the company’s fleet in Chinchilla, Queensland.

The key takeaways for Western Downs Civil (WDC) after the completion of the trial about Hubfleet were:

  • A ‘device agnostic’ app, meaning it can operate on iOS or Android devices without the need for a specific device mounted in vehicles, making it more cost-effective. Hubfleet is currently the only approved electronic work diary that is device agnostic.
  • It’s usable in remote areas. WDC found that drivers were still able to use the app without issue in remote areas with little to no service; the data generated is uploaded once back in an area with service.
  • Automatic report generation which saves time. Having to self-audit to fulfil AFM accreditation requirements usually takes WDC drivers about an hour each month; Hubfleet does this automatically and provides warnings and alerts for non-compliance.
  • Dashboard timer for rest periods. In driving mode, the app’s dashboard displays a timer for when drivers need to take their next break, eliminating miscalculations and guesswork.
  • Helpful training videos and support. Hubfleet has short, easy-to-follow training videos to help users. WDC also noted the Hubfleet team had provided responsive support throughout the duration of the trial.

Overall impressed by the outcome, WDC is now looking at implementing Hubfleet into 8 of its 23 trucks.

Hubfleet & AFM

Now approved by the NHVR, Hubfleet can implement custom work and rest rules of AFM accredited customers. Testing is carried out to ensure that all relevant fatigue breaches are operating properly and providing the appropriate alert warnings. The dashboard screen is also customised for the specific ruleset and requirements.

Streamline your drivers’ work and rest periods and eliminate paperwork with our easy-to-use app. Hubfleet keeps you compliant with driver fatigue management rules in every Australian jurisdiction, without the headache. Get in touch today to learn more.