JFM Haulage shuts down after logbook infringements

JFM Haulage shuts down after logbook infringements

Posted by Hubfleet

Earlier this year, a husband and wife of Cobar, NSW, sadly had to close their small transport business, JFM Haulage, after receiving four logbook infringements in SA.

Each infringement carries a maximum penalty of $11,450. However, as a first-time offence and with an early guilty plea, the total penalty imposed by the Port Augusta Magistrates Court was $7,024.

Already feeling the weight of rising fuel costs, registration and insurance fees, and truck repayments in an industry struggling to survive amidst COVID-19 restrictions and border closures, the couple could no longer continue to operate. They’re now working in other industries to pay the penalty off in instalments and get back on their feet.

Easy, affordable compliance.

Our goal with Hubfleet is to help businesses, like JFM Haulage, manage logbook compliance obligations easily and avoid the harsh financial penalties of non-compliance.

Hubfleet is approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) as an electronic work diary. It eliminates paperwork and is quicker and easier to complete. Drivers simply enter information on the app and Hubfleet does the math to notify them when they’re due for a break or able to resume work. The app alerts users when there’s a potential compliance breach approaching. It covers you anywhere in Australia because we’ve integrated both NHVR and WA fatigue management rules.

We’re affordable, too. Hubfleet is the only approved electronic work diary which is device agnostic, meaning it’s compatible with iOS and android and able to be used on any device. This makes us a cost-effective solution since all you need is a phone to download the app onto to get started. You pay a scaled subscription fee which is based on the number of drivers you have. This means your fees only grow when your business does, too.

With Hubfleet, non-compliance is completely avoidable. Don’t risk costly penalties with tedious and error-prone record keeping. Digitise your operation to save time, avoid penalties and spare headaches. For more information on the Hubfleet compliance solution, visit our FAQ page or contact our team.