Streamline Maintenance Management and Compliance
Capture vehicle usage alongside maintenance history to better manage safety and efficiency


Prestart Check lists

Customisable digital checklists streamline the prestart process, allowing drivers to quickly and easily complete their required checks. Hubfleet prompts drivers to complete prestarts on their heavy vehicles and saves valuable time, eliminates paperwork, and reduces the risk of missing important items. Completed and missed prestarts automatically feed into quarterly maintenance reports, simplifying compliance with HVNL and WA Worksafe laws.

Faults Reports

Efficiently oversee the entire fault management workflow from start to finish, including fault reporting, creating work orders and tracking repairs though to closer. Capture repair costs including parts and labour for each asset in your fleet.

Convenient Document Holder for Trucks, Trailers and Dollies

Attach permits and documents to trucks, trailers and dollies. Hubfleet ensures that these permits are downloaded and safely stored on the driver’s device, so they are available for inspection, even when the app is offline.

Fuel Logbook

Streamline fuel data collection, enhance accuracy, and expedite insights with our fuel management solution. Gain an understanding of how fuel impacts operating costs, including total cost of ownership.