Streamline compliance with mass management standards.
Including GML (General Mass Limits), CML (Concessional Mass Limits), HML (High MassLimits), or WAHVA (Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation) Mass Management Standards.

Simple configuration

Configure trucks, trailers, and dollies to adhere to specific mass management standards, including GML, CML, HML, or WAHVA.

Record loads

Drivers can use the Hubfleet app to easily record the loads carried on each axle group, ensuring that the axle and total load complies with the chosen mass management standards.

Alerts & NCRs

Hubfleet alerts drivers and operators if any axles or combinations are overloaded. NCRs can be issued for noncompliant loads and these automatically feed into quarterly compliance statements.


Attach permits and documents to trucks, trailers and dollies. Hubfleet ensures permits are downloaded and safely stored on the driver’s device so they’re available for inspection, even when the app is offline.

Custom checklists

Fully customisable pre-trip checklists capture details such as load restraint, dimensions, product quantities, customer, supplier, and more.

Mass calibration

Document monthly mass calibrations by attaching weighbridge dockets or other supporting information to a load sheet.