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Paper logbooks are a time-consuming, error-prone process (and likely soon to be a thing of the past).
With the advent of electronic work diaries (EWDs), heavy vehicle drivers now have access to a whole new host of benefits to make their lives easier and their work more efficient.

EWDs are the digital equivalent of paper logbooks. They allow drivers to record their work and rest times electronically, replacing the need for manual entries, to comply with fatigue management laws. They provide a real-time record that can be easily updated, monitored and audited.

Hubfleet is an especially driver-friendly EWD which offers many benefits beyond compliance.


Not fixed to the truck

Hubfleet is an EWD app which can be downloaded onto any work or personal mobile device. Unlike those hardwired to the cab of a vehicle, this allows drivers to update their records anywhere and anytime they choose. This BYO-device model also means the technology can be continuously updated with improvements and new features, rather than quickly becoming outdated like hardware EWDs.


Easy (and quick!) record keeping

With an intuitive interface and simple data entry process, Hubfleet allows drivers to record their work and rest times in just a few taps, saving valuable time that’s better spent on the road. This simplicity also reduces the risk of errors, ensuring more accurate records and less risk of accidental non-compliance with fatigue management rules.

Here’s a brief rundown of how simple it is to use the Hubfleet app:

  • Set up your device in about five minutes, including signing up, installing the app, entering some details and selecting the relevant fatigue management ruleset (Standard, BFM, AFM etc.).
  • Start a shift in a matter of seconds by inputting a few details; many can be auto-filled (e.g., if same vehicle/odometer reading, location via geo-tagging).
  • The dashboard will display a countdown to your required rest break. Hubfleet calculates and records rest/work periods to the nearest minute, rather than 15 minutes.
  • When ending a shift/having a rest break, simply enter the new odometer reading and location.
  • Records can be edited until you sign off at the end of shift with your secure four-digit pin.
  • The app allows drivers to record entries across multiple business profiles making it easy for those who work for more than one employer.
  • There are YouTube tutorials on app features and functions available for additional support.


Live breach alert

Hubfleet monitors work and rest periods in real-time, notifying drivers if there are potential breaches anticipated for their shift and when they are due to take a rest. An alert is prompted at 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes prior to a required rest stop. This helps to prevent driver fatigue and improve safety as well as ensure compliance with regulations.


Compliance mode

In the event of a compliance check, drivers simply switch the app to compliance mode. This locks their device in a compliance-only view when handed over for inspection. This means authorities only have access to the information required for performing routine compliance checks.

As an industry-leading EWD, Hubfleet is revolutionising the experience of heavy vehicle drivers. Our app provides an unprecedented level of simplicity and convenience to make drivers’ lives easier and safer. It’s easy and intuitive to use, and answers many frustrations and pain points of long-time truckies. While undoubtedly EWDs are the future, Hubfleet is set to become the new industry standard.
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