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ABOUT Hubfleet Hubfleet is the only
app that includes the NHVR and WA rule sets!

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Hubfleet Truck

WHY HUBFLEET Hubfleet is the app
you WA-NT!

If your operation is based solely in WA or the NT, then Hubfleet is your best option for managing driver fatigue.

If you have operations that span into WA and the NT then we are the ONLY option that allows drivers from NHVR to WA and vice-versa.

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NHVR and wa compliance Kill Two birds with
one complete
integrated solution

Juggling between NHVR and WA rule sets is a major headache.

We have one goal: to make this process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible.

We combine all rules sets into one. Go everywhere with a single app.