Why Maintenance Management accreditation matters for heavy vehicle operators

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Heavy vehicle operators can demonstrate their commitment to safety by voluntarily pursuing Maintenance Management accreditation.
The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Maintenance Management Accreditation Guide is a document designed to assist heavy vehicle operators in managing their maintenance and safety obligations. The Guide is an essential tool for achieving NHVAS Maintenance Management accreditation, which recognises operators who meet certain standards for managing their vehicle maintenance.

To achieve accreditation, operators must meet a range of criteria relating to the management of their maintenance activities, including vehicle inspections, maintenance planning and record-keeping.


Accreditation requirements

The Accreditation Guide provides detailed information on how to meet these requirements. It outlines the steps operators need to take to develop and implement a maintenance management system that meets NHVAS standards, including:

  • Establishing a maintenance management policy that outlines the operator’s commitment to ensuring the safety of their vehicles and complying with all relevant regulations.
  • Developing a maintenance schedule that identifies the maintenance activities that need to be carried out on each vehicle in the fleet, as well as the frequency with which these activities should be completed.
  • Implementing a vehicle inspection program that includes pre-trip inspections, routine maintenance inspections and more detailed inspections at regular intervals.
  • Developing and implementing a system for recording all maintenance activities, including the work that was carried out, the date it was completed and the results of any inspections.
  • Providing training to staff on the importance of vehicle maintenance and safety, as well as how to carry out maintenance tasks safely and effectively.

By following the Accreditation Guide, operators can ensure they are meeting the requirements for accreditation and managing their maintenance and safety obligations effectively.


Why get accredited?

Achieving NHVAS Maintenance Management accreditation is a clear demonstration of an operator’s commitment to safety and compliance, and can provide a competitive advantage in the heavy vehicle industry.

Operators who follow the NHVAS Maintenance Management Accreditation Guide can also benefit from improved safety outcomes, reduced breakdowns and repairs, and lower operating costs.

By implementing an effective maintenance management system, operators can reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns, as well as extend the life of their vehicles.

Additionally, accredited operators are exempt from having their vehicles inspected annually for the purpose of registration.

The NHVAS Maintenance Management Accreditation Guide is an essential tool for heavy vehicle operators who are committed to managing their maintenance and safety obligations effectively. By following the guide, operators can achieve accreditation, improve safety outcomes and reduce their operating costs.


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